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New Impact Operable Window Provides Emergency Access Panel for Curtain Wall System

Enviralum recently introduced a new operable access panel casement window that offers emergency personnel easy access to a building. The ENV-350 can be integrated into a curtain wall system, or can also be installed into concrete, steel or wood. Designed with a consistent vent size of 4.5 inches, this product offers architects maximum design flexibility. It is also approved for large size of a single vent 5’ x 10’. The ENV-350 features design pressures of +/-120 with the 18psf of water resistance. The window is offered 9/16” monolithic laminated as well as 1 5/16” insulated/ laminated units. All assembly screws are stainless steel , are installed on the inside, and covered to offer better protection against corrosion, water infiltration and aesthetic appearance. The ENV-350 is also aesthetically pleasing, as the top rail extrusion for both top and bottom rails giving the product a uniform vent-like appearance.

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