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Why It’s Critical to Test Building Envelope Components for Air and Water Leaks

Moisture intrusion causes more construction claims – and headaches - than any problem we see on a daily basis. Here are some smart things you can do to help avoid these common building leakage problems, including drafts, effects on HVAC systems, and mold /mildew issues.

  • Select quality fenestration systems from reputable manufacturers

  • Ensure systems are installed by trained and experienced installation contractors

  • Require Certified Independent 3rd Party entities test the systems and installations

Whether you are the owner/developer, architect, general contractor, fenestration system manufacturer, or installation sub-contractor, it is also a good idea to specify and require periodic independent testing of the fenestration systems. Independent testing will help protect:

  • Owner/Developers from potential claims from leaks and resultant issues

  • Architects by mitigating against negligence for not requiring on-going testing

  • General Contractors from field errors made by installation sub-contractors

  • Sub-contractors by keeping a record of verified performance during the construction process

independent testing performed to verify a given fenestration system and the interface of the system and the surrounding elements offers the highest level of protection. Testing should be conducted at an appropriate frequency and by an independent entity.

Intertek ( is an internationally accredited ISO 17025, and FGIA Accredited Independent 3rd Party Testing provider with over 130 years of testing experience. We have laboratories, subject matter experts and test technicians across North America. Our experts can provide information that can help determine how to design, specify, build and deliver buildings that have been verified to keep air and water out through certified independent 3rd party testing.