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Glazing Industry Pivots in Response to COVID-19

From the Editor of Glass Magazine, Katy Delvin

Perhaps the best keyword for the glass and glazing industry since the COVID-19 outbreak began to accelerate in March is pivot.

Glass businesses in all segments of the industry have pivoted operations to ensure safety and health of employees. They have adjusted policies and procedures for workers on the jobsite and in the factory. They have introduced new technologies to allow for more touch-free operations. And industry companies have pivoted product lines. Beginning in the early weeks of the pandemic, glass companies introduced everything from hands-free door pulls to ICU intubation boxes and partition systems to help protect frontline and essential workers.

Glass Magazine also pivoted in the face of COVID. Our goal at the magazine, and across our parent organization the National Glass Association, is to provide the most-needed education and resources to glass and glazing companies. Beginning in March, magazine editors worked with the NGA education team to develop a hub for COVID-19 resources for glass companies. And earlier this month, we published a special Glass Magazine supplement, Now and Next: Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis, The special issue presents:

  • Resources for complying with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

  • Insights on protecting finances and applying for assistance

  • Tips on virtual selling and keeping employees safe on the jobsite

  • Practices for maintaining project continuity

The glass industry is no stranger to challenges. This is perhaps truer in South Florida than many places in the country. Many companies that participate in the Glass + Metals Symposium were part of the same glass and glazing industry that pivoted following Hurricane Andrew. The industry developed an ever-growing range of solutions to keep occupants safe and help prevent damage in the face of hurricane winds and rains.

Glass companies will continue to innovate to solve the building industry’s top problems. I look forward to the time when we are able to gather in person again to discuss it.