Design+Construction News for Hurricane Prone Regions

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New Impact-Resistant Frameless Skylight Offers designers and owner unobstructed views

by Faour Glass Technologies

Faour Glass Technologies has just launched SLIMPACT Skylight the newest addition to the SLIMPACT portfolio of frameless impact glazing solutions designed especially for the hurricane market. The Skylight received Florida Product Approval for HVHZ large-missile requirements — product approval number FL29880 — in March.

Available for high-end residential and commercial use, the new SLIMPACT® Skylight is a modular overhead glazing system with sizes ranging from up to 12 feet wide by eight feet in height. Its innovative modular system can create a skylight to be as long as the property owner prefers without the need for exposed metal framing. SLIMPACT® Skylights create a clean, cohesive look to any structure’s roofline.

“This unique design offers the largest frameless impact skylight in the market,” says Angelo Rivera, vice president of Faour Glass Technologies. “SLIMPACT® Skylight provides architects and designers with the opportunity and flexibility to create skylights on a scale that was unavailable — seemingly impossible — before. And they are impact-resistant for use in HVHZ coastal regions.”