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Pre-Glazed Unitized Curtain Wall System Offers Faster Dry-In

Aside from higher water resistance, properly designed, face seal barrier wall, four-sided structurally glazed, unitized systems offer a faster dry-in. Unitized systems can offer many benefits and can be particularly desirable in large cities and sites that have space limitations. When unitized systems arrive at the job site ready to be installed, they can save a significant amount of space allowance for storage and staging. The higher performance of the face seal barrier wall systems can make them slightly more expensive than pressure-equalized or stick-built systems, but the performance advantage, especially under extreme events, can definitely make the benefits outweigh the costs. They require a high level of expertise to create, and a controlled factory environment to assemble. However, the cost return for that initial premium is well invested, as these systems offer longer life, low maintenance, and less concern for infiltration issues (normally the surrounding substrates).

Post: Crawford-Tracey Corporation

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