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Storm Ready: New High-Performance Coating Designed with Florida's Building Performance in Mind

by Viracon

Viracon announces the release of a new high-performance low emissivity coating designed with Florida’s building performance in mind. Built off the highly successful VRE coating platform, Viracon’s VRE-4725 is a cutting-edge solar coating offering a vibrant exterior silver/graphite aesthetic combined with exceptional energy performance.

With an SHGC of 0.25 and a thermal U Value of 0.26, Viracon’s VRE-4725 applied to clear glass complies with Florida’s demanding Prescriptive Energy Code window performance. Having a VLT of 45% when built as a clear insulated hurricane resistant unit, VRE-4725 also complies with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Marine Turtle Lighting Ordinance.

Visit to learn more about VRE-4725. For more information on Viracon visit or contact Jeff Rigot at